Embodying Reality
A new paradigm for sustainability


"The book really helped me to understand
what is happening in the world 
and what I'm to do."


People walk in two worlds: reality and an imagined reality. In reality, there is the planet, people, life and death. In our imagined reality, there are countries, companies, the economy and our resume. Reality is real, imagined reality we make real. Distinguishing the two sounds easy, but they intertwine like facts and opinions in a political debate.

Distinguishing the two does become increasingly important. The modern world organizes itself the wrong way around. We organize as if our imagined reality is more important than reality. We do everything we can to maintain our imagined reality and easily forget to prioritize the things that make it all possible. This book is about what it means to deal with the world when we hold the things that are real center and let the things we make real serve reality as it is. Embodying Reality.

It's currently being translated to English. It will be available this summer.

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Language: Dutch

Pages: 184

Bind: paperback

Print: first

Publisher: Animi Partners

Writer: Casper Stubbé

First appearance: september 2021

Design: Haags bureau


ISBN: 978-90-831859-1-0



Language: Dutch

Publisher: Animi Partners

Writer: Casper Stubbé

Format: Adobe Epub

First appearance: septembre 2021

Design: Haags Bureau

ISBN: 978-90-831859-1-0

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My question for readers is: what comes naturally to you as you read?
With every reader, it is something different. More peace, more doing, turning inward, being more critical of the world, more compassionate to what is. The effect is as different as there are people. Honouring that which is happening is what the book is all about. 

For me, a journey has been set in motion. I now live in an old fire truck and drive to the oldest living trees and forests in the world. To do ceremony and get better at seeing how our inner experience affects the outer world. What is present in an old forest, or tree that is not in a newly planted tree of forest? 

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